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Custom Business Card Design and Color Printing

We live in a society where image rules - where impressions can be cemented and reputations ruined in one single glance. This is especially true with business cards. A clever, catchy and well-designed business card gives you instant credibility and may mean the difference between a follow up phone call or the old toss to the side. At Logo Business Cards, we want our clients to think big. That’s why we supply you with high quality business cards at rock bottom prices for business card design and business card printing.

Custom Business Card Design

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Custom Business Card Design and Color Printing

Sure, having your business card designed by a friend or family member who dabbles in graphic design every now and again may save you a couple of bucks in the short-term. But those generic templates and poor quality card stocks aren’t going to fool anyone and may actually prove to be a disastrous investment when it comes to your company’s well being.

Think about it: If your business card is supposed to be a snap shot of your company, what does an amateur business card tell potential clients about your own goals and values? You may not realize it, but it says “I’m cheap and I will cut corners and compromise quality for the bottom line.” Not much of a first impression, is it? Wouldn’t you much rather have business cards that show off your creative flair and exude creativity, professionalism and self-confidence?

If you want a business card that demands attention and separates you from the pack, our qualified team of business card designers will make it happen. Our double-sided business cards are always eye-catching - whether simple or complex, colourful or muted, glossy or silky lamination. We will even send you a free sample kit so that you may assess our different business cards, plastic business cards and postcard samples and decide which one is right for you and your business.

And if you already have the winning design, you can simply upload it to our website and we’ll get it printed in record time using some of the most advanced printing technology available.

Business Card Portfolio

Business Card Portfolio

They’re not just business cards. Use your cards as:

arrow Rebate Coupons
Hangtags or Labels
arrow Free Admission Passes
arrow Mini Calendars
arrow Advertisements or Promotions

arrow VIP Cards
arrow Tickets to an event
arrow Gift Certificates
arrow Membership Cards
   and more...

What Logo Business Cards offers:

In the world of business cards, paper and printing quality go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. A flimsy card stock with a photocopy finish that won’t last a week in your pocket is not going to say much about your company’s long-term goals.

Full Color Business Cards
Offering a full color business card printing service without breaking the bank is what we do, because we understand that nothing screams professionalism like high quality business cards.

Laminated Business Cards
Having a professional business card design is one thing. Making sure it can stand the test of time is quite another. Laminated business cards can add functionality and durability to an already eye-catching business card by applying a transparent plastic film over the card stock. Whether you choose a glossy lamination or a silky, matte lamination, we’ll make your business card water and tear resistant and ensure it stands the test of time. Order our free sample kit containing the different laminated business cards we offer.

Double Sided Business Card Printing
Want your business card to do more than just state your address? Double-sided business cards are becoming a popular tool for entrepreneurs looking to add extra value to their investment. Keeping the standard contact information on the front of the card leaves the backside free for anything from colour maps to special discount offers redeemable with the presentation of the business card itself. Having a double-sided business card is a creative way two kill two promotional birds with one stone.

Complete Business Stationery
Now that you have a sleek new corporate logo to match your sleek new corporate identity, why stop at business cards? Customized business stationery can be a very practical way to continually remind potential clients why they chose you in the first place.

Business Card Design - Looking for something with more impact?

If you’re looking for cards that add a little more punch to your promotional material, then check out our
plastic cards for more ideas!


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“Received the cards last week and I love them! The silky lamination and 18pt card stock are great. Lots of positive feedback and I’m already getting many referrals for work. Thanks for everything guys!”
- Frank Serra
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50% OFF Design
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